MB 25O

If your looking for flexibility this is the perfect bagger. You will be able to quickly respond to the changing demands and challenges of the market thanks to It's versatility, high speed and ability to create a wide range of bag types.

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Cup Filler

Powders (free flowing), Granules, Pulses, Beans,
Detergents, Tea, Coffee Seeds, Sugar, Rice, etc.

Auger Filler

Non-free flowing sticky powders like Milk, Turmeric,
Pharma Powders, etc.

Multihead Weigher

Rice, Pulses, Tea, Coffee Beans, Candies/Toffees, Tablets, Cashew, Potato/Banana Wafers, Snack Foods, Fresh & Frozen Foods, Dried Fruits, Pasta Pieces, Detergents, Hardware Items, Spices, Soup Mixes, Sugar, etc.
25 GM - 2000 GM
W: 40 - 250 MM
L: 70 - 350 MM
W: 1600 MM
L: 1300 MM
H: 1700 MM


  • PLC based control system.
  • 7" Touch HMI.
  • Powered film unwind.
  • Film tension control.
  • Photo eye for film length control.
  • Auto web alignment.


  • Compressed Air : 250 lpm at 6.0 Kg/sq.cm.
  • Power : 6 KW
  • Hot Roll/Thermal Transfer (TTO)
  • printer integration.
  • GMP version.
  • CE & UL certification available.
  • Splicing table for easy film change-over.
  • Gusset station.
  • Static eliminator.
  • UV film sterilization.
  • Batch cutting.
  • Nitrogen flushing.
  • In-feed system.
  • Out-feed system.
  • Metal detection.
  • Check weigher.

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