MB 250 EV

Wraptech's biggest bagger, for high volume products and special applications. Includes a heavy duty welded frame and can produce pouches up to 300 mm wide, as well as a carry handle for convenient carrying.

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Cup Filler

Powders (free flowing), Granules, Pulses, Beans, Detergents, Tea, Coffee, Seeds, Sugar, Rice, etc.

Auger Filler

Non-free flowing sticky powders like Milk, Turmeric,
Pharma Powders, etc.

Multihead Weigher

Rice, Pulses, Tea, Coffee Beans, Candies/Toffees, Tablets, Cashew, Potato/Banana Wafers, Snack Foods, Fresh & Frozen Foods, Dried Fruits, Pasta Pieces, Detergents, Hardware Items, Spices, Soup Mixes, Sugar, etc.
25 GM - 5000 GM
W: 40 - 300 MM
L: 70 - 500 MM
W: 2300 MM
L: 1600 MM
H: 1900 MM


  • PLC based control system.
  • 7" Touch HMI.
  • Powered film unwind.
  • Film tension control.
  • Photo eye for film length control.
  • Auto web alignment.


  • Compressed Air : 250 lpm at 6.0 Kg/sq.cm.
  • Power : 6 KW
  • Hot Roll/Thermal Transfer (TTO)
    printer integration.
  • GMP version.
  • CE & UL certification available.
  • Splicing table for easy film change-over.
  • Gusset station.
  • Static eliminator.
  • UV film sterilization.
  • Batch cutting.
  • Nitrogen flushing.
  • In-feed system.
  • Out-feed system.
  • Metal detection.
  • Check weigher.

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