Wraptech WMTF 80 is a cost effective filler that provides many features as standards, highly suited for compact spaces. The machine has been designed for easy operator use and maintenance. Stainless steel contructlon with GMP features, the machine is compact, elegant & ergonomically designed for easy & quick change over. It is suitable for Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic, Chemical & Food Industries.

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5 GM - 250 GM
12.5 - 50 MM
W: 1800 MM
L: 1200 MM
H: 1800 MM

  • Auto tube feeding by auto feeder placed outside the machine working area. GMP feature.
  • Tube cleaning by air blow & vacuum.
  • 13 position turntable.
  • Tube eye mark registration for accurate orientation of tube.
  • No tube - no fill device.
  • All contact parts made in stainless steel.
  • Machine designed for the handling of aluminium, plastic & lami tubes.
  • Easy, quick change over from metal tube closing unit to plastic/lami tube sealing.
  • Aluminium tube closing unit with normal as standard.
  • Hot air sealing technology for sealing plastic / lami tube.
  • Electrical control panel with PLC and colour touch screen HMI.
  • Multicolour filling.
  • Design sealing pattern.
  • Auto carton integration.
  • Complete flame proof version available.
  • Camera inspection to detect foreign object in the tube.
  • CE & UL certification available.
  • Can be upgraded to ATEX for flammable products.
  • 50 lts. jacketed hopper with hot water recirculation system.
  • Double & Saddle fold for aluminium tube.
  • Ultrasonic sealing can be provided for better seal integrity for difficult products.
  • Can be upgraded to 21CFRpart11.

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