Our Company

Located in the industrial hub of Navi Mumbai, our state of the art 20,000 sq. ft. factory boasts facilities & equipment where we pay minute attention to every detail at every department, be it Engineering. R&D, Workshop area, Assembly Area and the FAT room.

Wraptech has over 30 years' experience in packaging machine manufacturing & is known for quality, dependability and reliability across the industry, while meeting International standards. With over 4000 Installations across 30 countries & spanning 6 continents, Wraptech is on the fast-track to becoming one of Asia's leading packaging machine manufactures and end to end turnkey solution providers.

With a truly global agent network, we offer full service back up with the shortest lead time through our team of well-trained engineers & aptly stocked spares. Advanced software enhances the competence of our designers to translate Ideas into Innovations.

Over the years our machines have won prestigious awards from reputed organisations, proving to be a testimony to the Engineering Excellence of Wraptech Machines.



Wide acceptance in over 30 countries spanning the six continents.

We have agents representing us in these countries and our agent network is now truly global in all countries, We offer full service back up through a team of well trained engineers.


1990-1999 - First Step

With a mechanical engineering degree under his belt, Mr Ashish B. Meghani, found his passion in packaging, leading to the birth of Wraptech Machines Pvt. Ltd. in 1989.

This driving force, started with a team of a mere 7 people & within the first decade manufactured India's first Multi-Lane Stick Pack machine and further supplied a line of 60 such machines to Cadbury India.

This then took us to a new stage of Wraptech’s journey and around 1992, it’s first international order was exported to Uganda.

But this feather in his cap was not enough, he then decided to enter the international market, by participating in the International Trade Show in Kenya of 1997 while simultaneously appointing our first overseas agent in Sri Lanka.

This decade also saw the formation of a Joint Venture of Wraptech with Johnston Lightning Filler Co. Ltd.

2000-2010 - Moving Ahead

The dawn of a new decade brought with it growth & some major moves. The biggest was Wraptech being relocated to a new & improved 20,000 sq. ft facility in Navi Mumbai. 

With our eyes set on curating to various industries, the state of the art facility supported in designing & developing our Multi-lane sachet packaging machine for products including medical alcohol & Stick pack machine catering to the Pharmaceutical Industry. 

This decade also saw a few notable achievements in the field of packaging, namely our promoter being appointed on the Technical Committee of Weights & Measures, Government of Maharashtra. 

Wraptech was also awarded by IPMMI in 2009 and by Pack Machine in 2002 & 2010.

2011 - Present

2011, saw Wraptech rise further. With the technical know-how & state of the art facility, now in place, we saw a number of developements across industries, to the likes of, designing & manufacturing a full wash down vertical form filling machine for the Cheese Industry as well as designing & manufacturing a nano filler for Pharmaceutical Pallets.

We also introduced shape pouches, machines with Track & Trace, fully automatic jar filling lines, a secondary packaging system such as bag in box, collation, flow wrapping and most importantly, India’s First Vertical Standup Zipper Pouch machine.

We also started exporting to regulated markets mainly in the United States of America & eventually in 2017 we formed a Joint Venture with Kenray Global, UK.


All these developments lead to a string of accolades, from wining the Economic Times Best Brand Award by The Times of India to the Micro-dosing Award in 2018.

To keep up with the needs of our esteemed clients, current and future, we at Wraptech are currently expanding to a new plant of over 25,000 sq. feet in Khopoli, Maharastra.