The Millennial Effect

 October 11, 2019
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 how are they causing a stir in the
packaging industy ? "

Much has been said about millennials and their impact on almost every field from advertising, product diversity, customer service to larger avenues of social life.
But one area that's not talked about as such, is how Millennials are affecting product packaging. For all the manufacturers, however, they are bringing about major changes to the way things are run.
Before we examine what this means for manufacturers and brand owners, let us first point out some major characteristics of millenials.

Keeping up with the Millennials

In terms of their buying decisions, big & bulky has been replaced with convenient & compact.

Another thing millennials are looking out for these days is packaging that tells them what exactly is in their food. No generation to date, has been so into reading the back of the label. Nutrition levels & shelf life have taken a whole new meaning to this on-the-go generation.

At the same time, they are not shying away from frozen or prepped foods and while looking for packages that can be opened and transported as easily as possible! Cause who has the time to buy storage containers anymore ?

For manufacturers this means clearly steering their packaging to more “flexible” pastures. These flexible packages meet all their needs and at the same time can be designed creatively to catch their short attention span.

It will be interesting to see how millennials continue to influence the world of packaging as their purchasing power continues to grow, making their voice more influential throughout the packaging world.

To conclude

If brand owners and manufacturers manage to understand millennials and transform these findings into innovative flexible packaging solutions, they are set to win their loyalty & break through the crowded market shelves.




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